Thursday, June 5, 2008

Blog Candy!!!

Yup.... blog candy! Hooray!!!

I'm super close to my 2000th hit to the site.... I'm so very pleased and excited!

Now... the good stuff. I'm giving away a one month subscription to the So Sketchy! Subscriber to one randomly chosen person.

How do you enter? Post a comment below and tell me what size of page you typical scrap and tell me why you love using sketches. Don't forget to leave your first name, your email and your answer.

I will randomly pick a winner on Sunday evening... sometime after 8pm EST.

Can't wait to hear from you.... Good Luck!



teresamatz said...

yeppie, go ally!!!!!'

I do 12x12 and love the inspiriation that sketches give!!!!

Margo said...

I scrap mainly 12 x 12, and I always use sketches when i am scrapping with friends - It is easier to scrap and talk at the same time, without having to think so hard!!!

rajah1116 said...

Hey girl! You go!!!!!!
I usually do 8 1/2x11.....I love sketches because they give me a GREAT jumping off point! They also help me balance my stuff!

mica said...

Hi there. I scrap 12x12 pages. Sketches are wonderful. They keep my layouts versatile.

Thank you for great inspiration,

Jenn aka boysmama said...

you know me..I'm a 12x12 gal. :) I think I'm going to join up anyway...see what you are doing..I think it's great...and can't wait to use your sketches!! :) Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

I first started out making 8 1/2 by 11 pages, but quickly changed to 12 x 12 because I love the size and being able to add more photos to the page. I use sketches to help me organize my pictures and embellishments in a creative way on my pages and make them look like it took me all day to creat, when it only took me a little time! :)


Susan said...

I usually scrap 12x12. I love sketches because they help jump start my creative juices. Sometimes I follow them exactly, and sometimes it just gets me going and my page ends up completely different.

Anonymous said...

I always scrap 12x12, I find 8.5x11 too small to tell my story! I love using sketches, they keep my pages fresh and help to get me thinking more creatively!

Colleen said...

I usually scrap 12X12 and I love using sketches just to help speed up the design and scrapping process sometimes. Everyone needs a kickstart once in a while!!

Anonymous said...

I scrap 12x12 just because I have tons of pictures and hope to one day have them scrapped in albums....Sketches give me ideas which sometimes I find I need to get me inspired....


Carla said...

I usually scrap 12x12. It's what I started with and I figure I may as well stick with it :-) As for sketches, I love suing sketches when my mojo is lacking. I don't always follow sketches exactly, but they are a great start!

Adrienne said...

I usually do 12x12 but I have recently started an 8x8 which I am excited for.

I like sketches because they really get my creative juices flowing. I think it would be really awesome to be a sketch designer and maybe one day I could provide that inspiration to fellow scrappers, maybe I will post my own sketches on my blog :D that would be neat. haha. Other than that, I just love to look at them and see what other scrappers do with it all. thanks much!

Vivian said...

I to am a 12x12 scrapper!

I just started using sketches & I love using them!! They have helped me think more about the process of designing a page.

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