Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Gone to the Printing Presses.....

I'm in the middle of sending the final copy of the So Sketchy Subscriber set to go to the printers. I have so many subscribers that I cannot physically print the issue from home any more. All the subscription envelopes are labeled and ready to be filled.

If you are interested in receiving a copy, you can sign up for a single subscription or a 3 month subscription in the PayPal widget to the right. Please insure that you chose the correct button as there are subscriptions for Canadian, US and International addresses. Any payments received AFTER the 10th of July will automatically be applied to a starter August issue of SSS, so sign up for your copy TODAY!

I have also had a local scrapbook store, The Scrapping Bug, pick up issues of the newsletter for sale at their store. This is a super exciting adventure for me!

Have a great Tuesday!



Wendy Sommers said...

How amazing to have your LSS pick up your newsletter to sell! I've been to that LSS before when in the area....it's a big, busy store!! Congratulations!! :)

Jenn aka boysmama said...

cool...excited to get my first issue. I *think* the conversion might be off though...as I paid 15.74 and your dollar isn't over ours...YET anyway. ??? But it wasn't enough to worry about..justthought I would let ya know.

CONGRATS on having TOO many subs to print at home..and the lss too..that's awesome!!

jo-ann said...

i'm so happy for you and all you accomplished! your sketches are so inspiring and i look forward to each one!

Christine said...

Congratulations on having such a large number of subscriptions! How exciting for you, Ally! :)

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