Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Super Sassy Sistas Are Here!

I seriously have to find a better name for "Senior Sista"... just that just doesn't seem right! LOL!

EDITED..... Jana made a great suggestion... so Wendy and Kristii are now the "Super Sassy Sistas"!

A very simple sketch today.....

by Kristii

by Wendy

Our last 2008 designer creations are coming tomorrow.... Stay tuned!

Today's the last day for submissions for our January contest. See details on the column to the right. Good luck!

Don't forget about your submissions for "This Kiss" Contest! See the details here at the bottom of the post.



AbbieTorroll said...

Those are beautiful ladies!!!

~dawne said...

Here's one I did using the January 6th sketch. LOVE these layouts from the "Sr. Sistas:)"

~dawne said...

Well, it seems I forgot my link:

can we have one?

Jana said...

Wonderful layout...

How about Super Sassy Sistas instead of Senior?

~dawne said...

Great suggestions Jana....love it!

Kristii said...

Great idea!!! I think I am the oldest one of the bunch and I was starting to get a complex, jk, lol!!

Wendy Sommers said...

Sassy is so much better than Senior! LOL Thank you Jana (and Ally!). :)

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