Saturday, October 17, 2009

October Sketch #9: Shaped Page

A simple circle page for you today...

Puppy Love
by Aphra

For Aphra's page, I love that she took the single large photo and made it into a photo collage. Great way to use a large single photo sketch! I like that she took the diagonal lines behind the photo on the sketch and used her own design to mat her photos. Super page Aphra!



Susan said...

Love this page as well as this sketch. I hope to carve out a little time to scrap it!


this one I AM GOING to do - the problem is that i can't post it as i am going to do it for " artist of the month" publication- so u will see it only in january( i need to do 5 new los for paid e - zine and I took this sketch for one of it) I WILL BE BACK WITH THE PICK AFTER IT'S PUBLISHED ( I WAS LOOKING FOR SHAPED SKETCH- AND THIS IS PERFECT)

Bev said...

haven't been here in a short while just keeps filling with awesome sketches and great layouts... fantastic job

Bev said...

love the angles of this one..sample is great

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